I'm a Brit, an Aussie, was educated in the UK, worked there for a while as a barrister, and then moved to China - and it was while travelling extensively in China that I started to draw and paint. I was taught traditional Chinese painting in Beijing by the inspirational Professor Liu Da Wei and I sold some early artwork while in Beijing. I then returned to UK, obtained a degree in Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, and for several years I was a member of the Gainsborough House Printmakers in Suffolk, & exhibited in group exhibitions with them.

Afterwards I came to Hong Kong and life in this unique city with its exciting blend of all things East and West became a main stimulus behind my work. I've also a degree in theology and the symbolic role of pre-scientific beliefs in contemporary societies, especially (but not exclusively) Chinese & South East Asian societies, has always fascinated me and so permeated much of my art.

My other strong interest is in the importance of biodiversity, and this has been the driving force behind my children’s picture books, two of which have been endorsed by WWF (Hong Kong). I have loved to take these stories into most of the international schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong, & into some of the local schools where English is spoken, & have had many vibrant discussions with many children from all over the world who've called Hong Kong their home, at least for a while.

I'm also a strong advocate of the overall role of the imagination in education and of the value of narrative. I also love playing the flute - musical narratives. For several years too I've also enjoyed running an annual creative book arts programme at St Stephen’s College, Stanley, Hong Kong.

In recent years I've exhibited in several group exhibitions in Studio2, Hong Kong, & at the Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong in 2012, 2013, 2014. In February 2015 I had a solo exhibition in the Li Hall, St. John's Cathedral, Hong Kong. Hong Kong has become an amazingly vibrant arts hub.

Home is wherever my bed may be. I am happy & stimulated to live wherever work, or simply the weather, will take me!